January 24th, 2008

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?


Doing a bit of research for a future column, I recently went to the First Birthday Celebrations of Greekalicious - a Greek cooking school. We were served up spoons of Slow Cooked Greek Style Lamb with Sea Urchin Tzatziki (as photographed above).

We also ate countless oysters - they were called Oysters with an Ouzo Spiked Tangy Dressing, and they looked like this:

They were really good, and new to me, having only had oysters doused in Vodka before. We ate a lot of them as those trays kept coming around, and most of the crowd were PR types who don't eat, wear short skirts and skyscraper heels. Ah such is life, more for the people who eat more than tissues I say. We also drank Wild Oats (winner of that sailing race) wines - they're nothing to write home about.

The school is the brain child of Maria Benardis, who loves contemporary Greek cooking (ie the food they are eating in Greece right now) and wants to popularise it here - a worthy goal I think. We're off to one of her classes in coming weeks, to see what it's all about.

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Launch of Chinese New Year 2008

How cute is this little guy? He's a dragon, and part of the launch of the Chinese New Year. He was performing out the front of Customs House this evening. His ears waggled, his tail wagged, and his mouth opened and closed. He was filled with young, sweaty athletic Chinese boys...

Why were they sweaty I hear you ask? Well there was balancing...


... and then dragon pole dancing course of doom!

It was fast, furious and worth making a video of - sorry it's half in portrait, please be rotating your computer now!

The obstacle course had a point - he had to grab this red string...

And pull it to release the banner!

There were also dragons eating cabbages whilst balanced on poles held up by other sweaty young men..

And an almost luridly coloured long serpentine dragon...

All in all, it was fun - 新年快乐 (Happy New Year).
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