February 4th, 2008

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Talentino

On a reasonably quiet intersection in Pyrmont, there is a pretty heritage listed building that houses a restaurant called Talentino. You can dine inside in a nicely done room:

Or you can choose to dine in a leafy outdoor area (as we did):

The menu features cuisine from the Iberian Peninsula - so we're talking mostly Portuguese cuisine. The wine list certainly exceeded my expectations (and the wine lists of comparable restaurants), with bottles like the exquisite Shaw and Smith M3 Chardonnay ($64.90) on it. It thus came as no great surprise to hear that it was compiled by ‘the wine guy’ Peter Bourne.

Chef excels in sauces – the Iberian Garlic Prawns ($19) in their heady mix of garlic, piripiri and Iberian rich sauce, show off this talent.

So does the Twice Baked Caramelised Onion and Cheese Soufflé ($16) which I really liked. In fact I liked both entrees, particularly the sauces, on the accompanying bread.

Now our main, a very tender Espetada ($37 for 2 people) came with special table hardware...

...and an accompanying side salad (with fabulous marinated olives)...

...and rice. I thought this dish was well priced, but overall, the restaurant is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

The meat was incredibly tender though, and it was perhaps the best version of this dish I have tried to date.

Coffee and desserts are not to be skipped – both excel, particularly the Vanilla Crème Brulée served with Shortbread ($12). In fact, this is one of my 'benchmark' desserts, and they did an excellent job with it.

I think the food is worthy, but at the price, I don't think we'd be going back very often. I might check out their al fresco breakfast though!


9 Union St, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9518 8000

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