April 21st, 2008

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - 3 Dots Pizza & Cafe

Twenty-three year old Alex Stepanyants is by day a risk assessor - this newly opened Pyrmont pizzeria 3 Dots Pizza & Cafe is his first venture into the food game. The unusual name refers to a tattoo of three dots in a triangle between his thumb and forefinger. It signifies mi vida loca or “my crazy life” in Spanish.

As you can see by this rather strange shot, it's above the light rail stop at John Street Square. For those who use this mode of transport, it'd be the perfect place for an inexpensive, quick meal.

The mainstay of the business is of course the pizza, and after you try it, I doubt you'll think that it's a crazy idea for a risk assessor to open a pizza shop at all! Alex believes the perfect slice can be picked up with two fingers at the crust, and it shouldn’t droop – and his pizza stands up to the test! When I checked out the menu I was surprised to see a Hawaiian with optional banana - it reminded me of a shop in Cronulla we used to drive to as teenagers for the best pizzas. I have not seen that particular combination since - so it was only fitting to find out that is where he had learned to make great pizza!

I especially enjoyed the 3 Dots Special ($9.50/sm, $14.50/md, $17.50/lg) of great quality Kalamata olives with ham, mushrooms, crunchy red onions, Italian salami and pineapple. I liked the fresh parmesan and baby spinach leaves he added to the top. The picture above is of a small sized pizza.

The Chicken Deluxe ($9.50/sm, $14.50/md, $17.50/lg) with great smoked chicken, bacon, olives, avocado, capsicum and tomato was also good. Alex presents many high quality ingredients for a comparatively low cost across the menu.

The Greek Salad ($10.00) was a huge bowl of fresh, crunch salad - it was too much for a couple to share, and he'd probably be better suited to have a small sized one and call the current one a large one suitable for groups of four.

The most expensive dish on the menu is a plate of Parmesan Crusted Lamb Cutlets ($25.50), and they were well worth it – three lovely cutlets, crunchy on the outside and moist inside, on a bed of crushed potatoes and sun-dried tomatoes, finished with crisp baby spinach and lovely fresh pecorino cheese. With mains like that, you might forget to eat the pizza!

The wine list is small but inexpensive with two sparkling wines ($23-25/bottle), two white wines ($25-30/bottle, $7 by the glass) and two red wines ($25-40, $7 by the glass). He's only adding on a $5-10 markup, a far cry from the hundred percent most restaurants add on. All up, it leaves a great and not-too-pricey experience that goes beyond just pizza (though they do that well).

3 Dots Pizza & Cafe
Shop 4, 44-45 Harris Street, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9660 7429
Pizza  $-$$

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