March 10th, 2009

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Paul's Famous Hamburgers

Yep, it's another burger fix. I have been quite in the mood for them lately - after all, corner-store hamburgers are a pleasurable childhood memory, but nostalgia doesn’t always taste like it used to. Unless you chance upon a store like this one - and don’t let the store-front deter you, it looks dodgy but their burgers are anything but!

My personal favourite is their Hamburger with Cheese and Pineapple ($6.20) but the Works Burger ($7.20) piled high with additional eggs and bacon is also a winner. Each person in their busy hamburger production line has a particular job and when there’s a queue out the door, you’ll see why! The thin, well cooked patties, the creamy, pale cheese and the soft seeded bun are definitely the highlights.

While there are tables outside, better ambiance can be had from a quick walk across the road to the Marina Wharf, or pull your ute up under Tom Ugly’s Bridge. Don’t forget to order one of their milkshakes. Unusual flavours like Coconut ($3.80) and Spearmint ($3.80) usually pique my interest, but in the final analysis it’s hard to beat their plain old Vanilla ($3.80). On a hot day go for a Pineapple Crush ($2.90 large glass / $3.90 litre).

The store has been here for fifty years. In that time it has changed hands between two families. They are so successful at what they do, they can work reduced hours, so only visit them between Wednesday and Sunday, and arrive after 11.30am.

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers
12 Princes Highway, Sylvania
Ph: (02) 9522 5632‎

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