April 28th, 2009

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Pyrama *UPDATED*


Well I said I would return for breakfast on the large outdoor terrace back HERE, so here I am actually doing it, and in a timely fashion too. It's a great outdoor setting with good glass windbreaks, and perfectly placed if you happen to be doing a spot of shopping at Pyrmont Growers Market. You're overlooking the light rail tracks in a cavern carved from rock.

The coffee is Allpress, a brand I have found to be consistently good, and one reason it's particularly good here is that Linda Larcan (co-owner) is an experienced barrister and wont let anyone else touch her machine, even to pull themselves an Allpress Flat White ($3.50). Apparently Allpress are also good at training barristers, and will come out and pull coffees with your barrister until they've 'got' it. I'm going to buy me some Allpress coffee to try at home some time in the near future.

As it was grey and overcast, I went for a bowl of French Onion Soup with Gruyere Croutons ($12), it was good if a little sweeter than I expected.

My dining companion went for the Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Oil, Mushrooms, Tomato and Toast ($15.50) which was quite competent. They added on some spinach for a splash of colour for my photo since it was going in a newspaper. I presume you could add some to your breakfast just because you like spinach too.

I also tried their in-house baked Double Smoked Ham and Swiss Cheese Croissant ($7.50) which was the only hiccup. It was quite doughy and probably could have done with some more time in the oven.

Linda Larcan's warmth and experience also shines on the floor; and as I mentioned, the coffee is very good.


Shop 1/ 56 Harris Street, Pyrmont
Ph: (02) 9692 8844

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