August 19th, 2009

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Souvlaki Hut

Tougher economics mean I’m attempting to diversify the places I dine so I show meals that suit all budgets, but price isn’t the only reason I’d recommend this place. The style of food promotes sharing (with tongs and cutlery made of actual metal);  the cuisine’s recognisably Greek and the fine print reads it’s better for you unless salt is a problem. Staff are helpful and friendly, making this an easy place to go Greek for the first time.

The Family Platter ($32.95) is a steal for the price.

It includes two dips (Tzatziki’s great and garlicky), a fresh salad with tasty tomatoes and crisp cucumber, chicken and lamb, very good chips, and a choice of grilled haloumi or meatballs (take the tasty cheese).

The chicken bests the lamb; the grilled pita bread bests everything.

You can also eat the tasty grilled bread in four pita-wrapped souvlaki in the Family Stimulus Pack ($19.95) which feeds four with chips and a 1.25L drink.

Locally baked Greek sweets - Kataifi or Galaktoboureko ($4.95 with coffee) - were the real surprise here, accompanied by a well-blended Frappe ($3.50).

The window seat gave me a perfect view of their neighbouring Sword of Damocles – a red and white Colonel.
Choose life, eat Greek.

Souvlaki Hut
317-319 Victoria Road, Gladesville
Ph: (02) 9816 2111

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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Tauono's (Aitutaki)

If you ever are fortunate enough to find yourself a little hungry on the small island of Aitutaki during lunch hours on a week day, don't miss the opportunity to drop in on Tauono and his organic garden cafe.

It's a gorgeous setting that shows off the lush, fertile paradise of Aitutaki perfectly. Flowers bloom on every bush.

Wander the aisles of his garden and look at the crops while your lunch is prepared. I was amazed at the variety of plants he had growing. Every vine, tree and plant was bearing fruit...

Everywhere you look there is bright colour and lush, lush green. It makes you wonder if the Cook Islanders have as many words for green as the Eskimos have for white.

The setting you dine in has a roof held up by growing trees, it is picturesque in the extreme. Fruits of the garden sit in a coconut shell as the only decoration - with a place this beautiful who needs more?


When his 'Botanicals Omelette' arrives it will blow your mind. So fat and full of pumpkin flowers and garden herbs, it is the freshest omelette I have tried. It cost NZ$18 on the day I tried it, and it was worth every penny. The salad vegetables seem to be more intensely flavoured than our Australian offerings, it's like uber-capsicum and uber-cucumber.

Like many restaurants here, it is part of Tauono's home that you are welcomed into to dine. Thank you Tauono for a wonderful meal.

Aitutaki, The Cook Islands
Ph: 31 562