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Review - Coffee Cup on Crown

Just so you don't start to think it's all fine-dining, here's a review of a cafe that sprang up on Crown Street, Darlinghurst called Coffee Cup on Crown. I discovered it by accident when we were at a fitting for my birthday boots (see post HERE) at Perkal Brothers. As you can see, the cafe has a sunny aspect around lunch time, and just as you walk through the door, there is a large cabinet full of exciting house-made produce.

Helge, the owner of this sweet new entry on the café scene, is a Wagnerian opera, but don’t be put off by his big, bold and occasionally pompous gestures. In fact his hospitable and somewhat cheeky attitude is part of the attraction here; and he has every right to be excited about the excellent café fare that chef Liisa Lemits is putting onto tables and onto display in their aforementioned window counter.

Specials are displayed on a board, and as you can see by the prices, this is not an expensive place to enjoy a meal.

Liisa makes a great Pie ($15) with chips, tomato and apple relish and salad – the sour cream pastry is a highlight.

Her Potato Frittata with salad and house-made Tomato and Fenugreek Relish ($12) was an absolute winner!

On a second visit (yes I admit, I returned the very next day) I was also quite taken with her Corn Fritters ($15) served with flavoursome roast tomatoes and tasty bacon.

She also did me up a platter so I could try a Sausage Roll ($3.50) which tasted like a gourmet sausage wrapped in a good pastry casing; AND a half serve of  Fresh Tuna Cakes with salsa and salad ($12). The tuna cake also impressed, and clearly did not employ any tinned tuna! It was great not having to decide between the two counter items that had caught my eye, and to get more of the excellent relish I had enjoyed the day before.

It made me very happy to see them only use house-made sauces, relishes and pickles. Accompany your brunch with a decent Latte ($3.00) made on Morgan’s Handcrafted Coffee – even better with an extra shot ($0.50). A decent find... and to me good cafes always seem much harder to come by than good restaurants!

Coffee Cup on Crown
368 Crown Street, Surry Hills
(02) 9368 0004

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