August 15th, 2010

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Home-Style Malay Laksa

Today we took a drive down the coast to Windang. We were visiting the parents of my partner's work mate to try her home-style Malay Laksa. With a gorgeous view of the sun shining on the second largest lake in Australia, Lake Illawarra, we were treated to a great meal!

First up was a bowl of wonderful laksa, complete with excellent prawns and a really amazing chilli sambal that enhanced the flavour even further. We were lucky enough to get a container of this to take home too!

Next we enjoyed a two course dessert. The brown bit is fresh coconut cooked in palm sugar from Malacca; the blue bit is sticky rice.

This is black sticky rice with coconut cream, it was much better than any I had tried before, saltier and fruitier.

The lake is a very popular fishing spot for man and bird alike. I smiled to see a single pelican sentry positioned by each and every man with a pole. Who's a clever bird then?

This was a wonderful afternoon, that had me feeling a bit like Maeve O'Meara on my own personal episode of SBS's excellent Food Safari. Even with all the excellent restaurants I dine in, there's nothing quite like getting to experience food in someone's home!