December 11th, 2010

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Strawberry Hills Hotel

Restaurants should be afraid when local pubs like this recently refurbished beauty, can offer up heaving plates of good quality, nicely-cooked produce with provenance listed on the menu, for under fifteen bucks!

The best dish I ate was a set of Tuscan Pork and Truffle Sausages ($12.50) - made using Bangalow Sweet Pork and Tuscan summer truffles - set on creamy mash with caramelised onion and red wine jus.

For the princely sum of fifteen bucks you can also enjoy a pair of well-rendered Duck Marylands in Asian Sauce ($15);

...or a decent slab of Twice Cooked Pork Belly ($15) with nice little tatties, braised cabbage and a thick demi-glace that failed to unite the dish – it’s worth ordering regardless.

A passing platter bearing 600 Day Grain Fed Cabassi & Rea Farm Wagyu Steak ($15) had me wishing I could fit in second dinner. I blame the basket of Salt and Pepper Squid ($15)!

It’s nice to see locals giving the six million dollar renovation the thumbs up after an eighteen-month closure that sensitively retains the classic Aussie pub feel downstairs, with a rather spiffy air-conditioned star-lit deck upstairs.

It's perfect for knocking back jugs of Pimms Coolie ($25); but if you order my coveted steak, throw in a glass of Aerins Vineyard GSM ($7/glass) - it’s an affable quaffer.

Strawberry Hills Hotel
452 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9699 3355

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