August 5th, 2011

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Eodoya Sushi Noodle Bar

Moving into the ghetto for the nine-to-five grind, I was quick to latch on to this small but efficient restaurant with a bustling take-out counter. Observing my almost religious devotion, my esteemed Chinese colleague decided to try it for himself. After one lunch, he summarily dismissed it, saying like half of Japanese restaurants south of the harbour, it’s Korean run. Somewhat chastised, I asked him why he thought so, and he replied the rice mix isn’t quite right (I agree) and the wasabi has no kick (sadly also true). However as we both agree the hot dishes are mostly on the money, from silky and flavoursome Age-Teriyaki Tofu ($5.50) to Yakitori Chicken ($5.50) to reasonably good Takoyaki Balls ($6) and ‘Veggie’ Gyoza ($6), which appeared to contain pork on the day I dined.

The non-traditional aspects of this business do however allow them a greater liberty toward more interesting combinations, like a Salmon Lovers Bento ($17.50) featuring teriyaki salmon, a raw salmon and avocado salad, salmon and avocado sushi with rice and miso soup.

You’ll also find a Seafood Salad ($9.50) with all the fixings to make sushi rolls. So I guess what I’m trying to say is: I still like it anyway, in a ‘let’s deconstruct Japanese’ kind of way.

Eodoya Sushi Noodle Bar
101-103 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 8399 3839

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