December 4th, 2011

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour

Alex Harmon investigates some beaver for me...

What’s with all the stoner food on Sydney menus? The Abercrombie, The Duke and now I find The Beaver capitalising on the ‘green’ dollar. Although here they tell me it’s food for North American ex-pats and Aussies après-Whistler. I guess for everyone else, burgers and frickles (deep fried pickles) are comfort food for drowning out working 9-5.

There’s a chummy bar in the front for loners, and dark booths in the back for intimate couples – just what you want when sharing tacos. Genuine corn tortillas, soft and open with clumps of flavour, are all grinners but the Chicken Tacos ($4.99) with coconut and mango win by a nose.

Burger selection is vast with a smug (but deserved) ‘no changes’ policy, especially as their Happy Pig ($12.99) is perfection in a bun. The pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw will have you rolling in the proverbial mud. The J-Lo ($17.49), isn’t Jenny From The Block, but a friend’s creation of tequila, wine and ginger beer – after this, you’d get down with either of them.

Their signature dish, French-Canadian Poutine ($14.99) with planks of hot chips, cheese curd and gravy, is a sight for sore eyes. buith a Miller ($6.99) also perfect for Sunday sore heads.

The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour
271 Bondi Road, Bondi
Ph: (02) 9130 3002

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