December 5th, 2011

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Dunbar House

We are seated on the verandah of this 19th century mansion, looking down on Watsons Bay picnickers. Feeling like characters in an Oscar Wilde play, we are served cucumber sandwiches by mistake – the irony is too delicious to fault. Sunny days in Sydney lead us to Oysters ($3.50/each), the lubricating mignonette goes down a treat.

A Tortellini of Prawn ($18) with gently grilled octopus and a duo of cherry tomatoes soon steal the show.

The Wagyu Burger ($23) is elegant and stacked high like a royal fortress, with relish, cheese and beef all executed with ease.

The Roast Barramundi ($25) is rather small and the huge piece of lemon on its side is completely out of scale, but the crispy skin and delicate bean salad warrants your forgiveness.

Plus if you’re as hungry as I was, you can call for the Tuna Carpaccio ($18). The tuna is as good as an illicit kiss, and if that’s not your thing, it has a secret weapon – a goat’s cheese cigar.

Our dessert of Warm Chocolate Tart ($12) should’ve been savoured however a wedding party arrived and we were pressured to leave. Overall I left happy anyway, and as Wilde would say, too much detail is vulgar.

Dunbar House
9 Marine Parade, Watsons Bay
Ph: (02) 9337 1226
Modern Australian $$

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