February 28th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - The Burlington Bar & Dining

All over Sydney, savvy chefs scrambled to adjust their menus to cooler climes and the summertime drenching La Nina provided.

With braises remaining on the menu throughout faux-summer, I’ve suddenly woken up and realised it’s autumn and I’m fish deprived!

After a tasty and small freshly shucked Tuross Lake Oyster ($3.50/each), I dive into Salmon Gravalax ($18) with a border of dill that my dining companion gleefully sees as dill affirmation.

(Even as a non-believer, it’s perfect here against buttery brioche, tangy radish and delicate fish.)

After scoffing unctuously rich Chorizo and Manchego Croquettes ($12) heightened by porky smoked paprika, I’m back in the water with Grilled Hiramasa Kingfish ($30).

It’s greened up by sugar snaps and pea mousse; and perfect against the Coteau de la Biche Vouvray Sec ($11/glass).

Salting on this side of the bridge is more liberal, but I still favoured Seasoned Fries ($8) over the Cabbage Salad ($8).

The fluffy pineapple sorbet on the Burlington Splice ($15) will put your mouth back together regardless. It's well presented but the layers of panna cotta underneath could do more to live up to the sorbet's promise.

Owner Lela Radojkovic still lights up the floor with candour and charm, recalling a customer from the early days saying: “You won’t last two bloody weeks if you don’t BYO.” She listened and here she remains.

You can see my last visit to this restaurant back HERE.

The Burlington Bar & Dining
6 Burlington Street, Crows Nest
Ph: (02) 9439 7888

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