May 2nd, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Bibim, To Mix

Okay, so the whole city’s rushing to Momofuku Seiobo to sample the dishes of Korean-American, David Chang. Me? Well, I like to know what I’m deconstructing before it’s reinterpreted; so right now I’m hooked on Korean soul food, or Seoul food.

My favourite spot is tucked between the Lamborghini dealer & the Prussian ‘antiques’ dealer on William Street.

It’s certainly got more heart than most – I mean where else can you get a drink - Chilled Barley Tea ($0.50) – for fifty cents? Groovy, young Korean staff will also go the extra mile to teach you to drink like a Korean. We were inducted into poktanju or ‘bombs’ involving shots of Soju ($12/300ml), a distilled rice spirit, into Hite Korean Beer ($5).

They’re much easier to drink than Jägerbombs; guaranteeing you’ll still remember eating a delightfully light Haemul Buchu-Jeon ($16), savoury pancake of chives, onion, prawn and calamari, the next day. Win.

Of course most visitors go down the Bibim-Bap route - their Pork Stone Bowl ($12.50) is a winner; and staff will stir it for you table-side if you’re a newbie.

Add on Banchan ($3) to really understand how Koreans eat.

Yeah, they’re usually free, but I’m all for lowering food wastage while we get our heads around this unique cuisine.

Bibim, To Mix
169 William Street, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 8095 9830

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