July 15th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Pub Life Kitchen

It takes a dastardly mind to snaffle The Norfolk’s famous deep fried pickles, and stick ‘em on a burger, but that just what they did here for the W.M.D. Burger ($15).

Yep, that stands for Weapons of Mass Destruction (served on the 4th of July), and it’s homing in on your arteries and liver.

Whilst St. Vinnies is probably grateful ‘Burger Experiment' night is just once a week (Wednesdays) it does deliver a whole lot of rich, juicy wagyu, chopped salad and heat-seeking fries for your spend.

Owner Jovan Curic tells me that the burgers here have developed such a cult following, public outcry prevents him from them off the menu!

Jovan “grew up under the tables at Bill & Tony’s” which explains his rather slick pub food sequel to Bill and Toni's Pub Life.

Some Italianate touches remain, like plump pan-fried pillows of Homemade Gnocchi ($15); and Nap. sauce against Hefeweizen Beer Battered Potato Scallops ($8).

Minimal spend also buys some rather cheffy touches courtesy of the ‘formerly fancy’ Aaron Bernecki (ex-Becasse) – try his cheeky late night adaptation of the Banana Split ($12).

With a surprisingly drinkable Shiraz House Red ($5), and a microbrewery downstairs offering Sydney Cider ($3) and Summertime Beer ($3) during happy hours (5-7pm), it’s popular for good reason.

Pub Life Kitchen
42 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 8262 8888

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