August 13th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Umi Sushi & Udon *UPDATED*


Nine months after first discovering this restaurant-masquerading-as-a-sushi-train, I’m back for a more wintery bite.

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Before warming my cockles with the tempting Miso Congee Hotpot with Wagyu Beef (9+), Vegetables and Fresh Udon ($32.80)...

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...I couldn’t resist revisiting some of my favourites.

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A topping of super-fresh sea urchin roe had me cooing anew over Chawan Mushi ($5.80), a savoury custard, now beautifully presented in an egg shell.


Raw fishes, which have always been a highlight, seem to have edged up another notch; so definitely include Chef’s 7-Piece Sashimi Tasting Plate ($38.80) in your selection.


Blue fin tuna fans, particularly those delighting in toro, the fatty belly, should keep your eyes peeled for special...

WEBUmiSushiandUdon-14 WEBUmiSushiandUdon-15 fin tuna cutting ceremonies, offering O-Toro Sashimi ($15.80) at an affordable price!

WEBUmiSushiandUdon-27 WEBUmiSushiandUdon-10

Sashaying into hot dishes, they’ve also upped the udon ante with freshly made Spinach Udon with Tempura Prawn ($12.80).

WEBUmiSushiandUdon-08 WEBUmiSushiandUdon-34

They goes down well with a baby bottle of Choya Umeshu ($7.50), presented on ice with a (totally chewable) preserved plum.

WEBUmiSushiandUdon-36 WEBUmiSushiandUdon-37

Chef got somewhat experimental with my dessert, producing a devilishly good mocha spring roll christened with green tea ice cream. We must all campaign until it’s on the permanent menu!


Now, did I mention there's $7 weeknight parking below? And if you wanted to see my original thoughts on this spot, you can find them back HERE.

Umi Sushi & Udon
Shop TR10 Darling Quarter, 1 Harbour Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9283 2006

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