August 21st, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Bau Truong

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Get a taste of Sydney’s next-gen Vietnamese, at this contemporary Marrickville Road entry.

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Park yourself under a looming ceiling of Chinese theatre masks to delve into the almost intimidating menu.

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A 333 Vietnamese Beer ($8) will take the edge off, against tasty Pork Stuffed Cassava Croquettes ($8) from the well-priced bites list.


If the luminous yellow and electric blue colour scheme (extending all the way down to turquoise plates with clashing red chopsticks) doesn’t elicit a smile, you’ve lost your sense of fun.


You might find it again in a bowl of Seas Snails in Spicy Coconut Sauce ($15), where the adventurous diner is rewarded with a lightly curried, briny coconut broth so delicious, you’ll want to slurp it!


My coconut lust continued into gently steamed Vietnamese Beef and Coconut Pate ($10) served on protruding sesame rice cracker wings.


It was an absolute killer match with the simply wonderful 2010 De Salis Wild Chardonnay I brought back from Orange, however you'll hear more about that fruitful trip next week.

Attention to detail extends into an engaged floor team, only too delighted to describe the current popularity of sea snails in Ho Chi Minh City. French-Vietnamese fans should also order the achingly tender Ox Tongue Braised in Red Wine ($15).


I passed over the perennial Vietnamese favourites in favour of a zingy plate of Pipis in XO Sauce ($22). They'll have to wait until next time, when I'll also explore their well-priced wine list...


Bau Truong
185 Marrickville Road, Marrickville
Ph: (02) 9569 4938

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