September 1st, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Mr Cooper's

Alex Harmon finds one more reason to avoid Max Brenner (I've taught her well)...


Occupying the confused end of Oxford Street (I never know if I want a designer dress or a German sausage) is this new wine bar. While the name suggests masculinity (or beer) inside it’s feminine with a feathery ostrich theme, bright blue chairs and dusty coloured brick.

Not a beer tap in sight. I opt for a Chili and Passionfruit Martini ($17), easy on spice and heavy on fruit – turn up the heat, I say.


The Carrot and Beetroot Salad ($13) arrives looking so glossy it could grace the cover of a magazine.


Bundles of goats’ curd have us fighting to mop it up with cute Terracotta Baked Bread ($5).


Lamb Kefta ($14) exceed expectations with a baba ganoush silkier than a Matt Preston cravat.


However Garlic Prawns ($15) were the unanimous winner, for the chunks of garlic and chorizo. Only a tapas bar in Spain would be game to serve this swimming in so much oil.


Whoever thought to serve Doughnuts ($11/4) at a bar is king (but no relation to Donut King), only to be topped by the most impressive Bittersweet Chocolate Panna Cotta ($15) this side of town.


Ironic that Mr Brenner is staring at me from across the road. Cooper, you have my vote.

Mr Cooper's
438 Oxford Street, Paddington
Ph: (02) 8084 5465

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