September 27th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Radio Cairo

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Arriving at a restaurant that gives SBS World Movies a run for its money, I admit I expected a train wreck.

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After all, the number of cuisines presented by a restaurant is often inversely proportional to the quality that any of them are delivered at.

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A few South African Lamb Sosaties ($4.25/each) marinated in Madras spices and brown sugar;


...and some Cajun Popcorn ($14.65) dipped in spicy apricot sauce, later I cracked a grin.


Sure, nine countries in one meal feels a bit like flicking through Trip Advisor, but I only encountered one failure. It wasn’t the cocktail and cheese bread combination, Dwaaba and Jungle Bread ($12.95), united by a thread of honey.

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Nor was it the BBQ’d Jerk Pork Ribs ($24.75), scaled back to a single rack by well-deserved popularity.

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Not that I was complaining – more space for Afro Fries ($8.45) and...


...fragrant African Mint Tea Cream ($8.50).


They even do decent fusion – the Indi-Caribbean ‘Num Num’ Roti Wrap ($13.75) teams potato and onion sambal, cheese and pumpkin seeds into a flavoursome vegetarian bite.


Pondering how they collated the epic menu (exotic accents and the staff movement board do provide clues) I headed to the nearby Orpheum cinema to wrap my cross-cultural adventure with an excellent indie flick.

Radio Cairo
83 Spofforth Street, Cremorne
Ph: (02) 9908 2649

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