October 20th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Bar Fly

Published in the City Hub, Bondi View and City News.

Here are a few more small bars from the resident Bar Fly, Rebecca Varidel...


229 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst (0422) 263 226 www.eaudevie.com.au

As the name of the joint suggests, classy spirits are served here. Ask mixologists Tom or Charlie and they’ll tell you - it’s a cocktail bar. Noble Experiment adds liquid nitrogen to a classic martini. Fresh ginger juice cheers up the Yuzu Mule. Ron Zacapa is the rum for the regulars’ flaming favourite. Dukkah, olives or popcorn add bite.

Yet for me, the second room holds the secret: Eau De Vie searches the globe to stock the bar with about 200 whiskeys - blended or single malts. If you’re flush, buy your own bottle and leave it locked here in a cabinet, ready and waiting for you.

Both rooms are wrapped in leather, are intimate and dimly lit. Making a dramatic entrance down the dark corridor through the Kirketon, anytime before 1am, just adds to the old-world speakeasy charm.

Eau de Vie on Urbanspoon

7 Cope Street, Redfern (02) 8068 4470 www.arcadialiquors.com

“Unmanacle on your inner hillbilly, comb his scalp and throw him a fresh sack cloth to wear,” the Facebook page declares. That’s a good way to read up on this Redfern start-up. (There’s more info there, than on their website.)

With a couple of beers (local and imported) on tap, more choice in bottles, a dozen or so wines by the glass and a short but classic cocktail list, this place is just as much about the vibe as the easy on the pocket prices. Here, a weeknight can be as busy as a weekend, as designers from local studios hang out after work.

A couple of snacks are offered: toasted sandwiches if you’re hungry, or new addition, spicy roasted nuts. Very fitting, for a place that displays an analogue clock collection alongside kitsch prints and vintage bar memorabilia.

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1 Moncur Street, Woollahra (02) 9363 0510 www.onemoncur.com.au

Australia is only small (by population not by land mass) and yet we are the 8th largest market for Champagne in the world. Knowing those statistics, you’d wonder how Sydney has waited this long for a Champagne bar.

What a specialist bar like One Moncur delivers is the opportunity to try not only Champagnes from well-known houses, but also lesser known growers’ Champagnes. You don’t have to buy a bottle either - they offer a good selection of Champagnes by the glass, including vintage and rosé.

Not up for fizz? The bar also serves beers, spirits, cocktails and a range of boutique Australian, French and New Zealand wines. Food matches beverages - freshly shucked oysters and Victor Churchill charcuterie are offered.

OK - One Moncur is a bit plush. You deserve that sometimes - right?

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