October 21st, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Potato Ghetto

This week, Alex Harmon checked out the latest edition to the MIsschu empire...

3_PG Interior 2_PG Interior 4

Only in Bondi could you get away with ironically calling your restaurant the ghetto. Hats off to Nahji Chu of Misschu fame for parking her new project next door to her Bondi Tuckshop. (Just look for the hipster bike.)


I’m confident that even those without Irish blood will be converted by the Vietnamese-spud fusion. If you’re skeptical, try the Steamed Purple Spud and Sausage ($14) - the salty, sweet chunks of sausage and fleshy potato are so good it should be a dessert.


Speaking of desserts, keep room for the Banana and Nutella Crepes ($8.50), the caramelized banana is so awesome you will even eat the skin.


There are also savoury crepes worth devouring - Bánh Xèo ($13) - is a crunchy Vietnamese crepe, sliced and served with DIY rice paper for wrapping. It’s seriously good with a Vietnamese 333 Beer ($8).


For something a bit heartier, the Lamb Shanks with Pho Spiced Jus ($16) are great, teamed...


...with Pomme Noisettes ($6) to mop up the cinnamon-y goodness.

4_PG Interior 3 3_PG Interior 2

While the schoolbook menu and corner-store chic setting appears very DIY, it’s nothing like the dodgy food court stuffed potato outlets of my childhood. This is one sexed up potato. Arm yourself with a spud gun and make haste to the ghetto.

Potato Ghetto
178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9365 776

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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Gazebo Wine Garden *UPDATED*

WEBGazebo-11 WEBGazebo-02

This venue has settled in beautifully; these days is looks more like a garden than a hipster pub affectation.

WEBGazebo-08 WEBGazebo-09

Matt Kemp is clearly primed to lift it from a wine bar with optional food, to a modern British foodie destination.

WEBGazebo-01 WEBGazebo-07

Pumped up floor staff are right behind him, too. His offerings are simple, produce-driven and seasonally sensitive;


...my favourite being his salad of crisp pig - Pork Crackling, Scratchings and Ears ($18) - served with witlof, fresh apple and apple sauce.

WEBGazebo-16 WEBGazebo-17

Mussels ($20) also prove warm weather sensitive, served up with cider, fresh leeks and crème fraiche; though I liked the...


...bone marrow enriched Portobello Mushrooms ($18) on toast better.


Cure any remaining childhood aversion to ‘little trees’ with Matt’s Fried Cauliflower Cheese ($12) – like the rest of the dishes, it’s a wickedly hearty serve.


Throwing in a shared main of Crumbed Veal Cutlet ($29.50) dripping with brown butter may have been overkill, though it did give us a chance to explore more of Keystone Group Sommelier Sarah Limacher’s paint-by-numbers wine list.

WEBGazebo-10 WEBGazebo-13

Her three key descriptors should see you drinking more leftfield choices, like the approachable “golden/hay/apricot” 2010 Fattori ‘Danieli’ Soave Classico ($12/glass), or the even better “dried spice/peach/apple” 2010 Milton Chenin Blanc ($12/glass), this summer.

(The last time I dined here was back in 2008 back HERE.)

Gazebo Wine Garden
2 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay
Ph: (02) 9357 5333

Gazebo Wine Garden on Urbanspoon