November 20th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Bayside Lounge


With the curvaceous concrete surrounds of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre slated for major remodelling in O’Farrell’s three-year (billion dollar) Darling Harbour demolition, pop in for a fond farewell.


Not only is the panoramic city skyline visible from practically every chair in the seashell-shaped lounge; there’s also something new on the menu.


Sydney’s currently experiencing a glut of avocados, so under the experienced tutelage of Executive Chef Uwe Habermehl, Claudine Balderston has come up with a whimsical Dessert Special ($12.80).

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Her tangy avocado panna cotta highlights the avocado’s creamy characteristics, but it’s her quenelle of coriander-laced avocado gelato that really sings – and don’t even get me started about the hot pink chilli marshmallow! Alternating bites of my zingy, firmly textured marshmallow lollipop against the cooling green gelato, I was perplexed: why haven’t I been offered avocado ice cream before?


For a somewhat surprising dessert wine match, try the 2011 Logan Weemala Riesling ($9.50/glass). Get a bottle and it’ll drink the whole way through lunch, especially if you start with tender Pan Fried Calamari ($21) served as a salad with asparagus, quinoa, chilli and sumac.


While it doesn’t taste quite as healthy as it sounds, cover your bases with a (compelling) bowl of Chips with Rosemary Salt ($6).

Bayside Lounge
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Drive, Darling Harbour
Ph: (02) 9282 5916

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