November 25th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Event - Prohibition Dinner, The Owl House


With identification scanning looking likely for neighbouring Kings Cross, it’s little wonder small bar Owl House tried out a prohibition theme last month!

WEBOwlHouse-08 WEBOwlHouse-10 WEBOwlHouse-09

I popped in for dinner, and was delighted with my silver teapot bearing an Aviation Cocktail.


It’s a devilishly light gin-based concoction that went down a treat against warm salad of quinoa, broad beans, zucchini flowers, Boston Bay mussels surrounded by a foamed mussel sauce.


Just think clam chowder in spring – only Chef Roy Ner could make a staunch carnivore quiver over quinoa!

WEBOwlHouse-05 WEBOwlHouse-06

Of course I couldn't just go for a special menu, I had to try out more of Amir Halpert's always developing list. For me that meant Tequila Thyme ($17) a refreshing drop that showed off the tequila's smoky characteristics. My drinking companion finds it hard to pass up chilli in a cocktail, so took a Passage To India ($18) featuring Poire William, pineapple and pear puree with cinnamon and chilli.


Returning to our prohibition dinner menu, it's time for another neatly disguised cocktail.

WEBOwlHouse-19 WEBOwlHouse-18

Amir's New York Style Bloody Mary is spicy. It almost tastes too intense to drink alone, but of course...

WEBOwlHouse-17're not drinking it alone. You're having it with this juicy Wagyu Burger. It's so tasty, just lacks a little... tomato. When you put the two together they make total sense, each completing the other. Now that's a cocktail/food match!


Here's a picture of the final course (which of course came with a matching cocktail too). I'm going to leave what it is under wraps because the team at Owl House are keeping their dapper threads for the silly season. So if you’re looking for an Xmas party your small business will remember, give them a call!

The Owl House
97 Crown Street, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 9357 5060

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