December 5th, 2012

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Bar Fly

Here are two more bars from the resident Bar Fly, Rebecca Varidel. Catch more of her musings on Inside Cuisine.

Published in the City Hub, Bondi View and City News.

WEBThe Victoria Room

235 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst (02) 9357 4488
I say it’s more boudoir than British Raj but maybe that’s because the hot single bartenders are handing out red roses. Ten years on and The Victoria Room still has the ladies lining up to get in for afternoon tea, and night-time pleasures. Celebrations last week were hot: a male pole dancer, a sexy chanteuse, swing dancers, a magician and a duo of trapeze vixens. Top of the cocktail list is still the sweet Rose Petal Martini ($19); but I say: get me a Sugar Daddy ($19) created here by Oliver Stuart back in 2003. Guys don’t feel neglected: get up to some Hanky Panky ($21) and celebrate with the drink created by the world’s first female celebrity bartender (Ada Coleman at The Savoy). In fact, I’d hazard there’s something upstairs on Victoria Street for everyone…
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421 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills (02) 9318 2993
Prohibition is so over - the new era in Sydney is rock! Park your arse on red glitter Fendi barstools as owner (former Eau De Vie head bartender) Max Greco clashes the cymbal above the bar. Head bartender Luke Ashcon (ex-Roosevelt) asks your preference. Cocktails (all $17.50) created by Max and Luke, like Coffee and Cigarettes and Judas Kiss, rock it too, as the cocktail playlist sits inside 45 covers. Table numbers are on the 45s and scattered with guitar plectrums. More vinyl: spicy Italian hot dogs come in melted down LP dishes, with fries on the side. Outside there’s lounge seating in an Astroturf backyard and sheet music in the loos. This is the new Cleveland Street cool. Vasco hour is 5pm to 7pm: $6 mixed drinks, $6 beers, $14 cocktails. And the beat goes on…

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