January 13th, 2013

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Bau Truong *UPDATED*

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This spot has rapidly become my go-to spot when I’m sick, hung-over or otherwise avoiding scoping new restaurants.

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Though their menu is monumental, I feel like my last four visits have given me a good overview.


My go-to hot day dishes are the Smoked Duck ($20) slices accompanied by seasonal fruit salad, or the same bird...


...cooked in five spice then served in a Pickled Lotus Stem Salad ($20).

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They’re awfully good at knowing when to stop whilst cooking squid – it’s best grilled Fishing Village-Style with Chilli and Garlic ($24) against the honey pleasure of Murray’s Angry Men Pale Ale ($9).

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Half the fun of Vietnamese is wrapping stuff with fresh greens and lightly pickled carrot: Bo La Lot ($12) lets you play with char-grilled cylinders of tasty minced beef and wild betel leaf; or there’s my usual fallback - Sugarcane Prawn ($15).


If wrapping ain’t your forte, pre-done pork and prawn rolls in mustard greens, Cuon Diep ($12), come with an addictive chicken liver sauce.


Put your palate back together with the Frozen Pyramid ($12), layering three flavours of sorbet, including zingy chilli passionfruit; or sink into my favourite, Chuoi Nuong ($12).

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This sinful combination of sweet caramelised banana with salty coconut sauce is guaranteed to cure almost any ill...

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See a previous visit to this restaurant HERE.

Bau Truong
185 Marrickville Road, Marrickville
Ph: (02) 9569 4938

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Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - The Rook


Melbourne better watch out, because we’ve dominated the laneway bar, conquered the surreptitious speakeasy, and are rapidly expanding into some epic rooftops.

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Even better, you can take in all three within a five-minute walk of this new York Street entry. First you need to find it: enter through an otherwise unremarkable office block; ride a boring lift; then pop out onto an urban rooftop full of repurposed materials, graffiti and twinkling candlelight.

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There are cocktails, but spying the young Head Group Sommelier Sarah Limacher, I throw down a challenge: find me a wine that will suit both lobster and wagyu - the mainstays of this venue’s economical menu. The 2010 Te Mata Gamay Noir ($55) she suggests isn’t half bad!


It makes the rich Wagyu Burger ($25) (we’re talking twenty percent back fat, nicely rendered) go down easy, without dominating my Half Lobster ($50).


Heeding advice from the charming Group Executive Chef George Diamond, I take my lobster with citrus vinaigrette – the delicacy allows you to fully appreciate the succulent white flesh.

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While George is proud of the concrete-crisp Onion Rings ($10.50), I prefer the Truffle Fries ($9.50).


Kudos to The Keystone Group for finding a way to make their new venues non-formulaic - the latest three* are all gems…

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