February 4th, 2013

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - El Topo

Alex Harmon expanded her protein repertoire this week in Bondi Junction...


First things first: there are Crickets ($6) on the menu. They’re crunchy, dry and salty, and unless you’re Mexican, they’re nothing but a novelty wrapped up in bravado (and garlic).


Let’s move on. The food here is serious - it's definitely not your typical Tex-Mex joint.


The Tacos ($5) are probably the best in town. The cactus tacos with cabbage and roast pepper and tamarind mayo are to die for. Our waiter also tempted us with a daily special: the blood sausage taco – the most hardcore taco ever!


Food is inspired by the Oaxaca region in south west Mexico, so their seafood options are epic. Scallops ($16) re pickled in lime, chili and coriander, so they’re silky, mouth-watering and should be eaten straight from the jar they’re served in.


Octopus ($15) is so tender it falls apart in your mouth.


The bar staff know their tequila, and aren’t afraid to give you an individual masterclass. As you’d expect the Margaritas ($14) are spot on.


Desserts are rich – doughnuts are the obvious crowd pleaser but the Smashed Flan ($14) with coconut, chocolate, hazelnut and caramel is an understated beauty. El Topo is probably as close as you’re going to get to Mexico – and it’s only as far away as Bondi Junction.

El Topo
Rooftop, The Eastern Hotel, 500 Oxford Street
, Bondi Junction
Ph: (02) 8383 5959

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