February 10th, 2013

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Yume Sushi


It takes a brave restaurateur to be the fourth Japanese restaurant to try the same site.

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Yet after the departures of Momo, Ueno Aji and Moon’s Sushi, that’s just what Hyun Cha has done. He’s not without experience: since being ousted for the Westfield Sydney refurbishment, he’s opened three spots in Drummoyne, North Strathfield and now Gladesville.


Amidst a kawaii garage sale chic collection of mismatched chairs and repurposed wood, you’ll dine upon many of the usual suspects, presented in a Western-friendly pictorial menu.


There’s sushi...



WEBYume-08 WEBYume-26

...Spicy Edamame ($5.90), Tempura ($9.90/5 pieces) prawns and seasonal vegetables, and...


...a half eggplant Nasu Age Den Kaku ($8.90) that might have benefitted from a shade more cooking.


Where this particular menu diverges from garden-variety Japanese is in fusion dishes like crisp Vietnamese inspired Rice Net Rolls ($7.90) and...


...brown-rice sushi that scrubs up very nicely in Teriyaki Chicken Inside-Out Rolls ($7.00). Brown rice also makes an appearance in pots of better-than-average Japanese Green Tea ($3/person).


If you’re a wagyu fan, you’ll find it in both a standout Wagyu Tataki Salad ($13.90) and in the Chirashi Don ($15.90).


The latter is a value-packed bowl that scratches many itches with a rice-topped collection of BBQ wagyu beef and raw fishes.


Yume Sushi
194 Victoria Road, Gladesville
Ph: (02) 9816 5123

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