July 18th, 2013

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Mojo By Luke Mangan

Enter a virtual temple of Luke Mangan, starting at the door with a wooden spool of name-brand products.

There’s also the Engine Room’s wall of black and white photos picturing Luke with assorted famous folk, from Bill Clinton to actress Jacki Weaver; and in the rear, his name in lights and a test kitchen.

He built it, and they have come, in their BMWs and Audis, all keen to slum it warehouse-style under cage fight lights, eating from enamel-coated tin plates.

Stools at the long bar encourage you to make friends with like-minded strangers; with engaged waiters ever-ready to take share plate orders as your urges arise.

Sure the Lobster & Vietnamese Salad Bao Bun ($15.50) is a slider by another Mother, but it’s a goody; ditto the Tempura Prawn Steamed Bun ($9.50) with chipotle and pineapple salsa.

Raw Beef Fillet ($14) takes tartare to Mexico (and it’s more fun for it), whilst Morocco produces my dish of the night - Cauliflower with Harissa Yoghurt ($14) speckled with pine nuts and currants.

Peter Bourne has produced a well-priced wine list, bested by the 2011 Kooyong Beurrot Pinot Gris ($12/glass) and the 2010 Hewitson Miss Harry GSM ($10/glass).

And you should drink wine, according to the toilet signs it’s a middle class aphrodisiac.

Mojo By Luke Mangan
8-10 Danks Street, Waterloo
Ph: (02) 9002 5346

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