December 19th, 2013

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Ryu

Alex Harmon braved the Xmas shopping chaos all in the line of duty...

I’m not a huge fan of shopping malls or sushi trains for that matter. Chaos and carnage always reigns, especially at this time of year. But up on Level 6 of Bondi Junction's Westfield you can find some respite.

And while Ryu does have a train, you’ll find an oasis at the back where you can sit away from it all; the heaving mall partitioned by wooden latticework.

Plus, they serve sake. In fact they've just launched their very own Sparkling Sake ($13.80/250ml). It’s sweet and berry-flavoured - think of it as like a Moscato for sake novices.

Food-wise, you’ll find all the favourites in the picture book menu: Chicken Katsu Curry ($18.80) with a gravy boat of delicious curry sauce...

...and a gorgeously sweet, smoky and sticky Yaki Noodle with Beef ($15.80).

Make sure you start off with the Chicken Kara-age ($8.80), these hot little fried chicken pieces are heavenly with a dollop of wasabi mayo. And of course, don’t go grabbing at the slow-moving carousel; order your sushi to be made fresh off the menu.

There are some rather interesting choices like egg salad or the dessert ‘fruit sushi’ (I dare say: avoid) but you can’t go wrong with Chicken Teriyaki Rolls ($11.80) and a steaming cup of miso.


Shop 6006, Westfield Bondi Junction
Ph: (02) 9387 7040

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