January 28th, 2014

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Nithik's Kitchen

After dining consecutively on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday night last week at this new Rozelle gem, to say I’ve been hankering for good Indian is an underestimation.

Vikram Arumugam has taken ten years cooking experience from the (hatted) Aki’s and three years of catering/menu development at home, and come up with an innovative and flavoursome menu.

After eating at least half of it, the Southern Indian Samuthiram ($18.90) is a definite favourite, layering school prawns, crab and rice pancakes with a creamy coconut sauce and a side of Bengalese shrimp, chilli and tomato paste.

Tree of Taste ($12.90) introduces you to Vikram’s flavour palate of sweetness (banana), bitterness (bitter gourd), sourness (tamarind and pomegranate seeds) and piquant (chilli).

Combine them all for an oral sensation with an artistic layout.

Great coconut chutney and homemade ghee notches the Masala Dosa ($13) above most I’ve tried...

...and Vikram’s curries are all great: from Meen Manga Charu ($25) of barramundi, coconut and green mango, to the rich tomato-based Pondicherry Mix Seafood ($25) which includes murunkai, a fibrous green vegetable ‘drumstick’ you suck the pulp from.

Crisp Veechu Parota ($3) bread is a must-have with the labour-intensive lychee-stuffed cottage cheese balls...

...Lagaan Ke Kofti ($18), liberally dunked in cashew gravy and scattered with dried fruit.

Nithik’s Kitchen
679 Darling Street, Rozelle
Ph: (02) 8084 8921