July 30th, 2014

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Vincent

If there’s one dish you should eat before winter is behind us, it’s the Poulet Roti ($35) here.

Combining everyone’s favourite – roast chook – with rich bread sauce, chestnuts and sprout leaves, this dish is a cold season smile-maker.

So is being sat facing a cabinet of cheese in the dining room of this popular restaurant, situated in the classic Hughenden boutique hotel on the edge of Centennial Park. Co-owner Traci Trinder is a joy on the floor, oozing warmth and friendliness. She shepherds us into ordering a great 2012 Moreau Naudet Petit Chablis ($79) from the extensive wine list.

It performs well against delicate Cured Kingfish ($20) presented with avocado and finger lime on calamari crackers, while still standing up to my dining companion’s more decadent choices.

He’s dabbling in the dishes of Perigord from the French Regional Series Menu ($65/4 courses), bested by duck neck and truffle sausage cooked with turnip and mead.

It also suits vividly green Brasserie Du Mont Blanc La Verte ($14.50) beer, which summons alpine meadows and bubbling springs.

The menu ends with Chabichou, a soft and creamy goats cheese, allowing me to order dessert – Baked Passionfruit Custard ($14) – and experience the best of both worlds.

Cue me returning to their civilised lounge bar for more wine and cheese!

14 Queen Street, Woollahra
Ph: (02) 8039 1500

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