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More Inner City Markets

Back HERE I teased you by saying there were two new markets on a Friday daytime - and then I only talked about one of them (down at The Rocks). So here is a post about the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers & Gourmet Food Market. Sadly on the day I went (the day it opened) it was a raining, miserable day.

CBD office dwellers, this one is for you! Alight your towers for lunch and check out this great new market every Friday from 10am-2.30pm at Cook and Phillip Park (in front of St Mary’s Cathedral), College Street, Sydney.

I was pretty chuffed with this stall - a mandarin farmer, whose wife made a rather lovely Mandarin Cordial, and an amazing Mandarin Butter. As a firm Lemon Butter fan, I constantly buy and try other types of butters - Passionfruit, Mango, Lime - but none have ever really been as good as the original. Let me just say, Mandarin Butter ($4) is the bomb!

Even with the dark and dreary weather, the vegetables looked bright and vibrant.

I was a bit intrigued by the bright orange ones... upon closer inspection I discovered they were golden beets! I love them in restaurants but I hadn't seen them in a place where I could purchase them before, so I had to have some!

While I am at it, don’t miss the chance to buy Over The Moon Milk. It’s a creamy, dreamy (full cream) non-homogenised Jersey milk that’s going to give me a compelling reason to return to this market every week.  Basically it makes Coco Pops into a near religious experience - everyone has a vice.

I was also incredibly impressed with the Pepe’s Duck Fillets ($30). Their stall gives you a chance to buy your duck direct from Pepe’s Ducks Australia’s largest producer of ducks. Let me guarantee, it’s a duck you’ll really ‘Luv’ because this duck actually has flavour (unlike some other leading duck brands)!

When I arrived home, I had quite a swag of goodies. I handed them to the chef. My job was done!

This is what I was served later in the evening:

As you might have read already, I have been doing comparative duck testing, brand by brand (yes, I am strange) and I have to say Pepe's Duck is really a favourite. Game Farm (see HERE) which I also like uses Pepe's Ducks to make their product.

Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers & Gourmet Food Market
Every Friday from 10am-2.30pm
Cook and Phillip Park, Sydney.
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