January 21st, 2015

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - The Powder Keg

With Sydney’s largest collection of gin - currently sitting at 95 - in the hands of star mixologist, Grant Collins, I really didn’t expect to be raving about the food.

Head Chef Elijah Holland – who’s cooked at ARIA and Jonah’s Whale Beach - very nearly steals the show.

He’s a mad-keen forager, dotting beautifully plated British and Dutch-inspired dishes with...

...Mona Vale violets; fennel flowers from Terry Hills; and plants gathered across the Northern Beaches.

Collins does throw down the gauntlet with his Gunpowder Plot ($18). Arriving in a cloud of tea smoke, it’s a spectacularly well-balanced concoction of gunpowder tea-infused gin, dandelion bitters and lemon juice with egg white froth.

Working in harmony with Collins, Holland teams Oysters ($9/2) with gin and tonic sorbet; then shows his own flare for fire...

...with smoked spuds in Quail Scotch Egg ($16) and a Smoked and Roasted Half Chook ($27).

The latter is juniper brined, cooked on the bone for flavour, and then transformed into a veritable summer garden of deeply smoky bird, artichokes and lentils.

At the subtler end, The Nettle Gimlet ($17), served in a traditional glass, begs sipping to savour its beauty...

...while deep red hibiscus tea-infused plum, faintly-pink rhurbarb and ginger sorbet, and fizzing pineapple meringue murmur: pay attention to the perfect Eton Mess ($15).

The Powder Keg
7 Kellett Street, Potts Point
Ph: (02) 8354 0980

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