September 27th, 2016

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

This Week's Food News - Moro

Sometimes the simplest combinations - like bread and olive oil – are the best. I recently got reacquainted with this fine pairing thanks to Moro, who sent me two new single estate extra virgin olive oils to try. Building upon their Seleccion Extra Virgin Olive Oils range that focused on oils made from single olive varietals, this new Moro range presents two different single varietal olive oils that each originate from the one estate.

Moro Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oils Lot No. 3 [RRP $10/500ml] comes from Toledo, Spain. It’s made on mild Arbequina olives grown on the Hualdo Estate, a family run business who planted their olive groves back in 1996. It’s a little bit green and grassy, with raw artichoke being the defining flavour. It’s quite subtle though, so use it on lighter dishes like chicken, or for those who prefer a milder olive oil.

I was more a fan of the Moro Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lot No. 6 [RRP $10/500ml] which comes from Priego de Cordoba in the south of Spain where the Muela family have been making olive oil for over seventy years. Made from the Picuda olive, this oil has a bigger kick. I found the round, peppery flavour to be much more to my taste. It would also lend itself to a wider variety of cooking applications, from salads to grilled vegetables and grilled meats. I used mine to good effect on a salad of burrata, basil and heirloom tomatoes.

The final selling point for me is you’ll only find these Moro products at independent grocers, like IGA, thanks to the good values at Conga Foods. This Australian family-owned business has been marketing and distributing Mediterranean products, like olive oil, here in Australia for over 65 years, and like me, they make a point of supporting family businesses.