November 20th, 2016

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Suburban Gems: Wilberforce

Sitting among the turf farms and cabbage plots of Windsor, about an hour’s drive north west of Sydney, you’ll find M & A Butchery. It’s housed in a renovated cottage-style building that dates back to 1889, and sits in front of a working abattoir.  It’s a second-generation, family-run butcher with old-fashioned values. Being attached to an abattoir, their business model cuts out middlemen; meaning pricing here is particularly keen. For inner city types like me, that means even if you take into account the petrol used on the fifty kilometre drive out there (and back), you’ll STILL save on Sydney meat prices.

On a bustling Saturday morning there are seven or eight butchers manning the counter. They’re framed by an impressive collection of ribbons they’ve gained from the Hawkesbury and Sydney Royal Easter shows. Despite the crowds, and true to the old-fashioned values of this store, the butchers are always happy to take the time to cut something to order, offer cooking tips, or engage in a bit of friendly banter.

You can get an eye for what they do well by starting your visit in their well-stocked, self-service cool room. M & A Butchery cleverly prepare packs for all sorts of families, starting at the big end with Whole Rumps ($13.99/kg) and Sides of Lamb ($9.50/kg), and working their way down to single-serve steaks.

Four well-trimmed meaty Pork Cutlets ($16.99/kg) set us back around twenty bucks; while a 580 gram Yearling T-Bone Steak ($17.99/kg) that we shared between two people, came in around ten bucks. We turned a trio of meaty Pork Spare Ribs ($12.99) into Korean barbeque at home, feeding two people for under five bucks. Free-range Chicken Breast Fillets ($12.99/kilo) are generously proportioned, with a pack of four weighing in at around a kilo. Everything delivers on both texture and flavour, though none are quite so tasty as their lamb neck, which we tried across chops and in a mini lamb rosette roast.

Clear labelling of products, like free-range chicken and grass-fed beef, allow you to make appropriate ethical decisions for your family. Use-by dates are also clearly labelled, and across four or five visits, the combination of rapid turnover and the brothers’ attention to detail, means I’ve never seen anything on the shelves that is past the use-by-date.

I make my own monthly pilgrimage out to M & A Butchery, teaming my visit with a trip to Sciberras Fresh Fruit & Vegetables (which you can read more about HERE). Following the M & A Butchery Facebook page will ensure you're across any weekly specials, where even greater value for your spend can be achieved.

M & A Butchery
62 King Road, Wilberforce
Ph: (02) 4575 1233