March 22nd, 2017

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Review - Din Din Persian Kitchen

If you've been following my Western Sydney adventures in suburbs like Fairfield and Merrylands, and have been drooling over Persian food but bemoaning the travel time from the city, I have some good news for you! Earlier this month I stumbled upon a very authentic Iranian restaurant in Surry Hills. Unfortunately - perhaps due to it having a name like Din Din - I had overlooked it completely because it has been sitting near the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Cleveland Street for a year now.

No matter, I’ve noticed it now, perhaps due to the interior getting a fresh lick of paint. Arriving on a whim without my reviewing camera, I tucked into a Mixed Plate ($31) of skewered meats that presented three different meats. We enjoyed the super-tender saffron and lemon juice marinated chicken kebab. While the lamb back strap barg kebab is usually my Persian favourite, there’s something a bit magical about the ground beef and lamb mix squeezed onto the sword by hand in the koobideh kabab here. With rice being the main Persian staple, it’s unsurprising to see the main meals presented with golden saffron rice with beautifully separated grains.

We supplemented our meats with a series of dips, and Persian-style rice-Dolmah ($1/each) - seasoned rice-stuffed vine leaves. We also ate Mirza Ghasemie ($6), a chunky, brown cooked eggplant and tomato dip, flavoured with garlic and turmeric. The creamier Kashk E Bademjan ($6) is also made from eggplant, this time presented with curd. The cooling Masto Kheiar ($4.50) is the Iranian version of the yogurt, cucumber and mint dip popular in many different countries. Our dips came with Lebanese-style bread, which ran out before out dips did.

Not knowing they were unlicensed, we tried Delster ($2.50) in both orange and peach with our meal. We were intrigued by them being advertised on the menu as “non-alcoholic drinks with different flavour”. They're actually non-alcoholic flavoured beers produced by Iran’s largest brewery, Behnoush. Next time I’d bring wine...

Din Din Persian Kitchen
559 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9310 3300

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