January 19th, 2018

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Dear Delicious

Located directly between Dulwich Hill’s light rail and its train station, Dear Delicious is well placed to fuel you up for the journey ahead.

With leafy green plants and a sheltered bar area constructed from recycled and repurposed materials, this pallet playground is the perfect place to reflect upon the type of world you wish to live in.

In light of our Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, saying that governments will soon cease to provide commuter transport services, I'm a bit consumed with the importance of an effective, well-run public transport system.

Fuelling my philosophical pondering is a warm mug of Ginger & Turmeric Nectar ($6.95) from the Original Mugs range at Dear Delicious.

It’s poured over coconut milk, and excellent thinking fuel as I await my dining companion, who - rather appropriately - is arriving by train.

Over a coffee and some breakfast in this lovely al fresco garden, we give the issue some more consideration. It's really the kind of space that inclines you to relax and wax lyrical.

The café’s interior has a rustic general store feel, with a mishmash of different types of furniture, and a counter full of freshly made sandwiches, wraps, slices and granola yoghurt bowls, ready to grab and eat on the run. On the back wall there are shelves of take-home products running from tea to olive oil to bamboo drink canisters.

The eat-in menu goes the extra mile to keep breakfast interesting. The Handmade Burrata Bomb ($18.95) is a lovely salad built around a glorious knot of oozing white cheese. Sitting around this jewel is a crown of confit salmon, beets, pickled baby fennel, orange segments and snapping fresh herbs and greens. It’s a healthy yet decadent bowl that keeps my fork coming back.

Cardamom poached pears are the highlight of a Creamy Forbidden Millety Buckwheat Pudding ($16.95) made on almond milk. It’s creamy and satisfying, and kept texturally interesting with a scattering of pistachios.

And if you’re feeling naughty, the Strawberry Rose Dear Mess ($15.95) is a perfect breakfast add-on. It’s an eye-catching and summery collection of sweet soils, curds, gels, fruits and fluffy coconut yoghurt adored with sails of strawberry gum-spiced meringue. The bright colours and edible blooms look right at home in this green garden setting, and the energy boost should be enough to get you to your next destination, however you choose to travel.

Dear Delicious
245 Wardell Road, Dulwich Hill
Ph: (02) 8068 1668

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