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September 2nd, 2018

Food News - Parlour Lane Popcorn Company

I’m a big fan of film festivals so I spend a fair bit of time in cinemas, especially during winter when Sydney Film Festival takes place. This year I also headed along to the Scandinavian Film Festival, and I have tickets to the Italian Film Festival later this month. All this adds up to me having expert level when it comes to cinema food and drink – down to which cinema makes the best negroni. I'd mostly given up on over-salted half-popped popcorn before I discovered the Parlour Lane Popcorn Company. The name is inspired by the cute little laneway behind the State Theatre - one that fellow Sydney Film Festival goers should be quite familiar with - which, when the theatre was running, used to be full of fresh popcorn vendors.

These days the best popcorn comes in a box, sealed in a silver bag for freshness. Parlour Lane do six different flavours. Sweet & Salty is lightly flavoured popcorn with just enough sweetness and just enough buttery salt to satisfy both cravings – it’ll save you from also buying a candy bar. Salt & Vinegar tastes old-fashioned and very tangy – a very bright popcorn that’ll work well with an alcoholic drink. Spicy Nacho tasted too much like powdered tomatoes for me to like it, even though I am a chilli fan. Skip it over in favour of the New York Mix, which contains both cheese and caramel corn. You need two cheese and one caramel in your mouth to make the salty creaminess roll around in your mouth with the sweet caramel in tandem. Even my non-chocolate eating movie companion rated Chocolatey popcorn, which is malty like Milo, though if I had to pick my favourite, as a confirmed Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb fan, I’m all about Salted Caramel popcorn. I also like that it's not too sweet or heavily coated.

You can pick up Parlour Lane Popcorn Company at Event and BCC Cinemas everywhere… and if you hurry, you might even get your mitts on their limited edition Vegemite & Cheese popcorn.