October 1st, 2018

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Kofte Co.

The first time I drove along Windsor Road, I was at a loss to explain where all the restaurants were. All I could see were fast food chains, though after a bit of digging, I found that in this neck of the woods, restaurants mostly exist inside shopping centres. With this being pretty much my worst nightmare, on trips out to my favourite butcher, M & A Butchery, I usually didn’t dine - well, that is until I saw a sign promising Turkish street food in Vineyard.

Kofte Co. is a family-run, Turkish food truck that has set up semi-permanent digs right on Windsor Road. They’ve attached a little wooden deck to their truck, and furnished it with a shaded, ottoman-style seating area.

While there’s nothing much to look at in Vineyard, it’s a pleasant enough space to have a fast spot of roadside lunch, cooked freshly while you wait.

The secret to Kofte Co.’s short menu, written on the side of their van, is that they make every item in small amounts, freshly each day.

This is highlighted in their tasty Kofte Roll ($9.90) where the seasoned meat patty is teamed with lettuce, Spanish onion, pickles and bright homemade garlic aioli.

Fluffy eggs are as much the highlight of the Sujuk and Egg Roll ($9) as the flavoursome discs of Turkish sausage. While you can choose a Westernised sauce like barbeque or tomato, I think it goes best with the same house-made garlic aioli.

With both rolls presented in lovely fresh seed-topped Turkish bread rolls, our lunch proved a little more filling than we expected for the (under) ten buck price. This meant we opted to have our Baklava ($6/2) takeaway to eat later on the long drive home. It was so fresh and lovely, I later wished I’d bought two more!

Kofte Co.
405 Windsor Road, Vineyard
Ph: (0423) 983 987

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