April 5th, 2019

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Review - Platform Eighty Two

This Saturday you could either follow Callan Boys’ Good Food advice and stay home watching Landline; or you could ignore him (record it) and eat your first ostrich egg. Like other parts of the retail sector, cafes are experiencing a downturn resulting from prospective customers having rising expenses and stagnant wage growth, so they'd no doubt appreciate your custom.

Amidst these challenges, it pays to stand out from the crowd. Tucked away on a quiet street running parallel to the railway line in Concord West, Platform 82 have made themselves into a destination cafe using ‘grammable breakfast platters.

Leaving aside for a moment whether platters mitigate against the optimal experience of breakfast foods, there’s no doubt that eating one provides a drool-worthy food porn moment that’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Last weekend we trotted to this long monochrome space, with textured white and grey walls, and a shiny black tiled kitchen. Arriving just before nine saw half the tables full, and a steady influx of diners hot on our heels.

Every second table was eating a Breakfast Platter ($32/person) most opting for the one with a dessert plate ($34/head). It's crowned by a cookie-topped Cornetto ice cream that has the toddler sharing our communal table absolutely fixated.

We’re here to eat an Ostrich Egg for Two People ($90) topped with a metal skillet bearing a fried ostrich egg. Weighing in at around 1.5 kilos, a single ostrich egg is the equivalent of two dozen chicken eggs, so cooking them takes a little time. While ours is spending fifteen minutes on the grill, then some time in the oven to properly set the protein, we settle in with coffee. Made on beans roasted by Gabriel Coffee, the Latte ($3.50) is smooth and inoffensive, though the strong Flat White ($4) is slightly too bitter.

Juice ($7.50) is freshly squeezed and mixed to your liking, with carrot, ginger and orange providing an aerated and lively start to our day. Lucky, because when our platter makes its entrance, we see we have a lot of food to get through...

The all-important ostrich egg has a slightly sweeter flavour and fluffier white than a chicken egg. There’s no hint of sulphur - in fact the white reminds me more of congee.

It’s very easy-to-like dribbled over toast (perhaps the platter’s weak point, the toast they've selected isn't great cold) with generous rashers of bacon. The ostrich egg eats salt and pepper, so eats best with the saltier platter elements you'll find below. Diners would benefit from being offered a spoon for ease of serving it.

The bottom level of your wooden board takes care of the rest of your breakfast needs. You'll find hot food running from little split chorizo sausages to pan-fried haloumi to grilled mushrooms and hash browns. In a little white pot, you’ll find French-style button mushrooms, cleverly poached in butter to help them stay tasty across your whole eating adventure.

Smart diners save cold breakfast items to the end of the meal, though the beautiful avocado halves filled with creamy goat’s cheese make it hard to resist dipping in early.

Next to them you’ll find small mounds of salami and pancetta –  great quality stuff. We finished with fruit – watermelon slices, kiwi fruit, strawberries, blueberries, passionfruit and magenta-ringed dragonfruit slices. Each item is great quality, and I can see the kitchen has tried to consider how to best include hot items that really do better served cooked-to-order on a warmed plate.

Memo to Good Food: maybe get out more, it’s not every day you’re given the opportunity to leave the house and consume an ostrich egg.

Platform Eighty Two
82 Queen Street, Concord West
Ph: (02) 9743 0002

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Thanks to Spooning for arranging this visit.