June 4th, 2019

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Review - Bosphorus Turkish Street Food

Launching in November of last year, Marina Square is an integrated shopping centre in Wentworth Point. More than just a place to do your grocery shopping, at spots like the cool pan-Asian supermarket and bottle shop, Zetciti, it is also a community hub for the high-density living suburb that’s already home to 14,000 people. Along with a children’s playground and medical centre, the centre also includes the MSQ Art Space. Curated by 107 Projects, this gallery space already features the work of local artists, and will also play host to workshops on everything from constructing terrariums to painting. Marina Square Wentworth Point is also a place where – in just 45 specialty shops – you can find a surprising number of different places to eat.

Bosphorus Turkish Street Food sits on the outside edge of the centre facing towards Rhodes. While the street food name and the room-dominating kebab shop counter might give you the impression that this is solely a grab-and-go affair, what comes out on their shareable Three Skewer Mixed Plate ($35.50) should quickly put an end to that misconception.

Hunks of tender lamb, charry moist chicken pieces and the hand-shaped adana kebab are all great eating against fluffy rice, sumac dusted onions, cabbage salad, blackened whole tomato and a piece of bread saturated in all the meaty juices that you’ll undoubtedly fight over.

Bosphorus also make an Iskender Kebab ($21.50) using cubes of Turkish bread topped with thin slices of beef kebab meat, tomato and yoghurt, which I found hard to stop eating.

You can round out any meal with Stuffed Vine Leaves ($5/each) that are fragrant and flavourful with lemon and sumac. Their Stuffed Cabbage Roll ($5) was almost as good, though the Falafel ($2/each) struck me as a bit dry and crumbly. I suspect they’d eat better teamed with garlic dip and bright lemony tabouli.

Charcoal chicken is sold by the bird, piece or plate. A Half Chicken Meal ($12.50) includes two pieces of barbequed chook, a small mild garlic dip, plentiful pickles, some chicken-salt dusted chips and a can of drink. It's tasty but wants for more charcoal flavour to stand up to Sydney's iconic chook spots who are cooking fowl in a similar fashion.

It should see you right for dinner, though a little salad wouldn’t go astray as an add-on.

Dining with a large group and subject to mass preferences, I found the Mix Pide ($18) with chicken, beef, onion, tomato, capsicum, mushroom and cheese a bit hectic for my palate, that’s more aligned with Italian pizza topping minimalism. I reckon I’d like the Sujuk ($18), egg and cheese one better. Bosphorus are also serving up this spicy Turkish sausage pan-fried with eggs and Turkish toast for breakfast, or you can add it on to Menemen ($12) (Turkish scrambled eggs with tomatoes and chilli).

They also make gozleme – I tried Spinach and Cheese ($14). While there's nothing that set it apart from the thousands of others you can eat across this city, it does help round out any corners, in case you're not as greedy as my group, who covered three tables with a veritable feast.

Staff are friendly and welcoming, interacting warmly as they delivered our meal and glasses of piping hot tea.

Bosphorus Turkish Street Food
Marina Square, 5 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point
Ph: (02) 8054 6220

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