June 15th, 2019

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Review - Burger Point

Burger Point in Marina Square Wentworth Point is a second store for Timothy and Liezl Casaje. They opened their first restaurant in Marsden Park at the end of 2016, choosing burgers over dishes from their shared Filipino heritage, because they’re what they like to eat. Filipino flavours do get a look in with halo halo (basically a Filipino trifle built over crushed ice) and a Purple Dulce Milkshake ($7) made using taro.

Set on the edge of the shopping centre, the Wentworth Point store is slick and futuristic, with glowing neon circlets set over lime green feature walls.

Fake plants, set over school-room style rows of chairs and tables, help to soften the industrial exposed ceiling fixtures. Hard surfaces abound with polished concrete floors, a concrete block wall, and glass on two sides. Light levels are kept street-style moody, down to a black menu-board that displays their well-curated range of just seven gourmet burgers.

While Burger Point do go all the way to ridiculous, with doughnut glazed buns topped with unmelted grated Cheddar cheese and maple bacon bits in the Marvin Glazed ($18), you can also notch things down with the better-priced Boss Burger ($13). Teaming the requisite amount of melted American cheese with lettuce, onion, caramelised beet relish (for tang), and boss mayo. with a handcrafted beef patty on a toasted milk bun, it’s a solid, enjoyable burger.

The Big Boss ($18) sticks two handcrafted patties onto a bun that’s light but still retains good structural integrity. With the Big Boss, you get the same basic model as the Boss, just with twice the American cheese, a double hit of maple glazed bacon, big, juicy pickles and their house secret sauce. I enjoyed eating it – which is unusual because I don’t normally like double meat patty burgers, so it speaks to the quality of the meat. However I was glad I opted to share it with my dining companion because half was definitely enough burger for me.

Burger Point Fries ($6.50/large) were crisp and oil-free shoestring affairs.

You can also add on fried or grilled chicken, served up four different ways. I tried the Southern Fried Wings ($14) marinated in herbs and spices then deep-fried.

They didn’t really rock my world until I added the house chicken gravy, which is excellent and well-worth a three buck add-on even if you don’t order bird.

Hot’n’Saucy Wings ($14) arrived glistening red and sticky. While there was a little lip-tingling excitement, they were way too sweet for me. I preferred the bite I stole of the Mad Chook Burger ($13) which comes with crisp-edged, juicier bit of Southern fried bird and jalapeño mayo. that gave me better lip-tingle. It’s definitely the burger I’d order if I found myself back in this ‘hood with a hankering for burgers or chicken.

Burger Point
Shop 322, Marina Square
5 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point
Ph: (02) 8593 9817

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