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Christa 'We Love You Christa' Hughes with Dick Hughes

Saturday I felt like I got a bit of a treat when I saw Christa Hughes and her Daddy in The Famous Spiegeltent. Her Daddy is Dick Hughes, the legendary jazz pianist who was the first jazz pianist to perform at the Sydney Opera House back in 1973.

The gig was absolutely sublime. You could really see where Christa took her inspiration from. I loved Sugar, Summertime and the St Louis Blues... plus of course her duet with her father (who sounds a bit like Louis Armstrong) of Everybody Loves My Baby.

I felt really privileged to see this gig - particularly since it was the return of Dick Hughes to The Sydney Opera House after 35 years. With his age (77 I think), it's unlikely they'll perform together again like this.

Plus the set and setting made it really special - The Famous Spiegeltent really is atmospheric. The tent is being dismantled as I write this, onward bound to Melbourne.

Bravo Christa! You can see more photos here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=45157&l=b708a&id=631034914

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