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Review - Sunflower Crepe Cafe

Recently I dined at Essen on Broadway, and on the way there we did a bit of menu reconnaissance and I was amazed at the variety of cheap and diverse eats in the area. I resolved to return, and one of the main reasons was the Sunflower Crepe Café.

Now firstly, I am a sucker for plastic food. One day I must buy myself some to enjoy at home. But the main reason I wanted to come here was crepes!

This little eatery on busy Broadway is decorated with quirky hot pink, custom pop art; and furnished with small tables and plastic block-stools. Drop in for a fast and wallet-friendly feed on reasonable Taiwanese food, including curries, soups, fried chicken and (most entertainingly), crepes.

All menu items from the colourful, photo-illustrated menu can be had for under fourteen bucks. Look for a sunflower symbol to ensure it's something extra good!

The other diners are uniformly Asian and most are dressed in cutting edge fashion. This makes me feel uncool but like I have stumbled onto something good. They attack their meals with relish, and I start to pine for my own... but then I am distracted with the fascinating drinks menu.

Don’t miss the refreshing Mojito ($5.50), a mix of fresh lime and peppermint leaves, topped with lemonade. Note the green dress girl is still tucking in with relish in  the background.

Their Green Milk Tea ($3.50) is a soothing, great tasting milky beverage that’s also a great antioxidant. You even get foam-art with a caramel syrup.

The slightly tangy deep fried chicken is good; enjoy it as Crispy Chicken Fillet with Rice ($8.50) or in the substantial Crispy Chicken Rolls ($13.95), wrapped in a crepe with lettuce, tomato, avocado and a homemade mustard sauce.

Now I admit they might look similar, but even better still were their Asian Crepe Rolls ($13.95) filled with a sweet peanut mix, roast chicken, fried eggs and vegetables.

Both came to life with additional chilli from the excellent selection of self-serve sauces. Both these were so large we only managed to eat one crepe each. Luckily they were quickly forthcoming with a cardboard take-away container.

If you can squeeze in dessert, there are pancakes using their fabulous range of ice-creams; or perhaps just a Three Scoop Sundae ($8.50), choosing from exotic flavours like Green Tea, Black Sesame, Durian and Taro.

This was a fun place to try out, for very little money, a large feed, and a quirky, upbeat environment.

Sunflower Crepe Café
147 Broadway, Ultimo
Ph: (02) 9211 5298

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