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Review - Doughboy, Newtown

From the quirky recycling of pizza trays distressed by years of pizza slicing as lights; to the comfy fabric banquettes; to the art on the walls; and to the upbeat Indie rock on the stereo; this new Doughboy venture is very Newtown.

Dining in is all about the dough; the warm, yeasty smell permeates the dining room making you very hungry indeed. This is quickly fixed with their excellent (and cleverly sliced) breads – both the Garlic and Cheese Bread ($7.50) and the Olive Bread ($7.50) are well worth trying.

Amped flavour and good produce characterise their pizzas, and we got extra special treatment with a large pizza topped four ways so we could work out our own favourites! It was pretty easy for me to determine that I'd return for the Quattro Funghi ($15 / $20.50 / $24.50) for the tasty mix of shitake, oyster and Swiss brown mushrooms on the right hand side; or the spicy pepperoni and chilli heat of the Americano ($15 / $20.50 / $24.50) on the left hand side.

If you like stacking on the ingredients, the Tutto Quanto ($16 / $21.50 / $25.50) is the Doughboy version of the supreme pictured at the bottom would be the way to go. Personally I preferred the simplicity of the former two. In the top quarter you see The Judd ($15 / $20.50 / $24.50) which is nicely hot and spicy.

Keep up the vitamins with a Shabbit Salad ($8.50) of mixed leaves, flavourful tomatoes and bocconcini, drizzled with a house-made pesto that is hand-blended every day. Local olive oil and Hunter Valley olives leap out, and demonstrate that the store is trying to be eco-friendly as well by buying local!

We also tried a Calzone Amalfi ($18.00) which I enjoyed - again the dough impressed, and the innards of mozzarella, Italian sausage, salami, roasted capsicum, mushroom, olives and spinach showed tasty, fresh produce. As you can see, it's topped with Napolitana sauce and parmesan.

Keep an eye on the upstairs space which they have interesting plans for in coming months.

30 King Street, Newtown
Ph: (02) 9519 3330

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