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Big Day South

Our big day heading south began with a visit to the Eveleigh Market. Breakfast was pig. Spit roasted pig. Only click below if you are hardy.

This is the pig on the spit. Feel like a close-up?

And this is the plate of pig with a great apple sauce (with sultanas) and crusty bread ($10).

I was really quite chuffed with this market - not one, not two but at least three different duck producers, which included one I hadn't yet bought duck from. So as you might imagine, we now have a new duck to report on, quite cheaply 540g for $13.00 to boot from RedGate Farm, an Aylesbury! Plus there was the best fudge I have tried for years from Bowral Fine Foods I think - I can't tell for sure as I ate it all, finished gone. I already want more - all it tasted of was brown sugar, butter and cream... no preservatives. Just perfect.

My only complaints would be the steamy weather was very hot in the tin shed, and that's not great for food. Plus as a fresh food market, they need to have really good food handing procedures, and as you can see by the non-gloved food handling in the top photo, they're not there yet.

We then headed down the coast consuming aforementioned fudge on the way, with a pretty paddle at Stanwell Park Beach. From there we went to look at the white kittens. They're made of cute, but all are clearly deaf. We headed down the coast to North Coledale Beach for a lovely swim, then got hungry and went to the Headlands Hotel.

It's set on... you guessed it... a headland with an excellent view of another little beach - Little Austinmer I think, which we later went and had another swim at. But first, there was a Seafood Plate for 1 ($27.50) which was excellent and really went towards feeding us both quite happily.

We also had a 1/2 Kilo of Prawns ($15) which I think was more done on sight than weight - awesome specimins too!

We washed them down with Stones Ginger Beer ($5) which is a great drop, and then rolled down the hill to this excellent beach. See the two rock pools in the inlet - we had them to ourselves! One was warm, one cold, and we wavered between them. This beach is made of win - dogs permitted off leash, clean water, gorgeous water in the showers to clean off with, soft sand, stunning views at the escarpment and virtually no people on a saturday!

We timed the run back from here to our door, and it's an hour and fifteen minutes. For an unpolluted, unoccupied beach with awesome cheap seafood and cheap drinks, I think there is something to be said for skipping the popular Sydney beaches this summer in favour of the south coast!

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