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The Incomperable Grace Jones

Last night we ventured with Siri, Sveta, Lillian and her partner to The Enmore for Grace Jones. She was simply astounding. I felt very privileged to witness her show, especially seeing it's been twenty years since she was last in Australia!

I am in awe. She's 60 and well... look at her arse! She also had a laser hat, that made me deeply envious. This is Love is the Drug, which was one of my favourite songs of the night.

Songs of the night were Slave to the Rhythm, Love is the Drug, La Vie En Rose and Bumper.

This is Bumper with confetti provided by our own Jon! She allowed whomever wanted from the audience (including Lillian and partner) onstage to dance with her. Lillian fell into a trance. Luckily she was able to dance while entranced by the awesome power of Grace Jones (and who wouldn't be entranced).

This is what was easily the best song of the night - Slave to the Rhythm. I fully expect to hear it on Sydney dance floors this week. She kept that hula hoop hooping on her corset-clad hips for almost the whole song. Maybe that's why she's still got an awe inspiring caboose?

From her latest album, this is Hurricane Grace! Aren't her hats to DIE for. A milliner provided 17, and the selection I saw were STUNNING. They were so structured to her amazing head shape, they all stuck like glue. The strength and carriage in her neck was astounding. She is a hat makers dream.  Plus she has a costume change for EVERY song. Another favourite was La Vie En Rose... (Christa's gargling song) and I am almost ashamed to say Grace's version blew away Christa's. 

Sveta declared this gig the 2009 gig of the year. Perhaps a shade premature being that we're in January, but I admit it will be almost impossible to top... so Sveta has probably called it first. Long live Amazing Grace.

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