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Review - The Austrian Schnitzelhaus

A craving for comfort food landed me at The Austrian Schnitzelhaus in Gladesville, a little outside my usual hunting grounds. By way of explanation, there’s something about simple food done well that’s a big draw-card for me. My dining companion is also keen, and displaying his eagerness by getting in the way of my set-up shot!

The cottage surrounds and authentic decorations are inoffensive. The photo wall in the right hand photo documents those who have taken on the one kilo schnitzel challenge and triumphed - like James (whose photo I stole from their website). It gave me a chuckle and as you can see, this mega schnitzel and chip platter comes with a litre of beer and some schnapps too!

So how did I get here? Well firstly, I drive past this place on Victoria Road twice a week on my way home from work. It kept niggling at my memory so one day I looked it up on the web. I was fascinated by the idea of Pancake Soup ($8.50) – shredded savoury pancakes (the thickness of crepes) in a light beef broth. This turned out to be a lovely dish.

Bitterballs ($8.50) were the other great discovery - veal croquettes with a compelling honey mustard dipping sauce. The perfection of their crumbing made me look forward to my Chicken Vienna Schnitzel ($20.90) even more; and the speed of their kitchen meant I wasn’t waiting long. The chicken schnitzel was actually one of the real highlights of the meal - one of the best representations I have had of a chicken schnitzel for a while.

My dining companion tried the Veal Schnitzel ($20.90) with pepper sauce ($3.50) which was good too. I took a poorly focused photo in the millisecond before he dug in. While the saucing felt a shade pricy, it did impress by having zing! Both the flavoursome dumplings and the sautéed potatoes we chose as accompaniments stood out in comparison to those from Sydney’s other central European restaurants. 

The service ranges from well-intentioned to clear pride from owner Gerry Jansenberger (he’s an asset to the floor). Beverages were very well priced. Be adventurous and order an Austrian wine to balance and compliment your schnitzel - the dry, acidic Salomon Undorf Gruner Veltliner ($29.50) worked a treat for us! There was a dessert that beckoned too - a platter of three different struedels to share - but I was too full on this visit to attempt it. I think that provides a worthy reason to return.

The Austrian Schnitzelhaus

163 Victoria Road, Gladesville
Ph: (02) 9816 1036
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