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Review - Ravesi's

With summer days so scarce, it’s best not to waste them. So a return to Ravesi’s was on the cards, this time for lunch. I last dined in June 2008 (see HERE) on their winter menu, so I was off to try the new summer selections. It's best to start with a cocktail, so  I ordered a Summer Smash ($15.50) which added the vivid red of fresh raspberries to our table overlooking the perfect horseshoe of Bondi Beach. The photo above is however of the less exciting cocktail whose name escapes me... but you get the point.

An elegant plate of Hiramasa King Fish Sashimi ($18) flavoured with orange, soy and pickled ginger was beautifully plated, and very enjoyable.

One of the waiters is a Hellfire regular, and he sends us out a complimentary plate of Garlic Pizza and Dips ($12) which is a nice surprise. The garlicky Tzatziki on the is the best thing on the plate, and the pizza bread is quite compelling.

A generous serve of plump Spring Bay Mussels ($18) in a flavoursome coconut lime curry broth impresses - they're nicely cooked, and the bowl is full!

Fancying a swim later, we choose from their great selection of salad mains. The most harmonious and imaginative was the Dolce Latte Gorgonzola and Rocket Salad ($25) with nectarines, sun dried cranberries, caramelised chestnuts and twenty year aged balsamic.

Slightly less impressive was the Barbequed Chicken and Avocado Salad ($25) with mango, crispy noodles and a coconut curry dressing that showed evidence of Keen’s Curry Powder. I was not convinced the avocado belonged on the plate with the other ingredients, but I was impressed by the crunchy oil-free noodles.

These options come from an all-day menu which is supplemented by a nice wine list with plenty of warm weather favourites. We opted for a bottle of the Three Miners Pinot Gris ($60) which suited the cuisine with flinty mineral notes softened by a sweet palate.

118 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9365 4422

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