MissDissent (missdissent) wrote,

Pork Loin - Two Ways

Our main course tonight just arrived - pork loin two ways. On the right the pork loin (from Craig Cook's Prime Quality Meats at Northbridge Plaza) is treated to a coating of Moroccan spices. On the left the same loin is treated to a Mexican spice mix. The mound of vegetables in the centre is a bake of broccoli and fresh, sweet corn cut off the cob (both from Antico's Fruitworld).

If you've noticed the better plates of late in my photos, they were a wedding gift from Craig's family. We got a wad of cash to go and spend at Victoria's Basement, and chose a great set of square white plates in small and large sizes, with matching square white bowls. It certainly makes photographing the food a much easier task.

Tags: food, produce, recipes
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